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In e very first comic iteration of eir first meeting, Tony met Rhodey in Vietnam, shortly after he escaped e POW camp in e first Iron Man suit. Coincidentally Rhodey was piloting a helicopter on an air force mission and got shot down, so he had to make an emergency landing in a nearby gle to try and fix it, and Stark found him. Machine (James Rupert Rhodey Rhodes) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by vel Comics.James Rhodes first appeared in Iron Man 118 (uary 1979) by David Michelinie and John Byrne. e Machine armor, which became his signature armored battlesuit, was created by Len Kaminski and Kevin Hopgood.. In , Machine was ranked 31st . In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark removed e need for e arc reactor to keep him alive. e first reactor keep shrapnel from going deeper into his heart, and was only strong enough to power e suit for a short while. After using Extremis to repair his. Sum y. So it was, on a Tuesday night at 3am, sometime in 1986 at Tony Stark, a mechanical engineering and physics double major, met James Rhodes, an Aerospace major wi a Greek and Roman my ology minor, and e future was set in motion for living legends who kind of definitely lived up to e legends.. Tony and Rhodey got closer over time, so close in fact at ey were almost never seen wi out e o er. So it wasn’t a surprise when Tony came one day and told him about a new competition he was going take part. Series. Part 3 of Building Buddies. Language: English Words: 565 Chapters: 1/1. [Tony and Rhodey. Tony sets off one car alarm, e drones set off e rest. Ivan is still typing inside Hammer Industries] Rhodey: Listen, listen. A pack just peeled off. ey’re headed back to e Expo. Tony: Got it. Rhodey: In closing in on you. Ordnance coming in hot Tony. Watch it. [Hammer Industries. Happy parks e car outside. More of. Stark talks about a 1987 spring break trip wi Rhodey, implying a college friendship. Even stronger evidence is Rhodey's wearing a brass rat himself in e scenes in e military control room. Ano er nice touch is Tony Stark on e cover of MIT's alumni magazine, Technology Review. (I'm trying to track down a copy of e cover). Nah, I've only got a board meeting. Tony grinned, setting down e wrench he was previously using to tighten a loose bolt on Dummy as Rhodey frowned. Are you sure? I can come by lat- Really, come on by. I need to fix e damage Hammer did anyways. Tony shrugged, and Rhodey smiled relieved before responding. anks man.. 30,  · Tony and Rhodey enter e room and Rhodey waves to Pepper who does e same back. Pepper hung up her cell phone and walked over to me, gently taking my forearm and leading me out of e living room and into an empty hallway. I resist . Obviously, Tony and Rhodey knew Peter. e rest of e avengers come back to e compound, and Tony's not too happy. ey all ink it has some ing to do wi trust, which is half right, but e tru is, Tony doesn't want e kid to find someone else he wants as his mentor. Rhodey, because he knew what Steve almost did and did do to Tony, after all, he and Peter were e ones to help him. Pepper, because she knew at Tony and e o ers didn't really get along in e first place, she also had e same reason as Rhodey. Apr 16,  · It was up to Tony to try and keep e whole place from going e full Walking Dead on him. Unfortunately, he was not able to save e lovely Ms. Pepper Potts, who turned into an undead monster intent on tearing e flesh from her boss' bones. To combat is, Tony did what any would-be zombie victim would do: he puked all over her and ran away. Rhodey and Tony grieving for JARVIS after e events of AOU. e one where Tony breaks Captain America by singingwi outwords [G, 1.5k] Tony and Rhodey have been in a committed relationship since Tony was sixteen. is is apparently news to Steve(and also e rest of e team). e one where Tony uses a lame pick-up line by singingwi outwords. - 5+1 type fics where 5 times Rhodey takes care of Tony n one time Tony care of Rhodey - Tony n Rhodey as parents And last but not least - Tony being really possessive of Rhodey (Give me back my Rhodey) I'd prefer bottom/sub!Tony but it's fine ei er way. P.S. any o er Tony/Rhodey long fic . 11,  · At e end of 2007’s final episode, titled Made in America, Tony Soprano (played by e late James Gandolfini) is eating out wi his family amid a turf between e New Jersey and New. Rhodey's arm is around Tony's back, just under hers, and e o er rests on top of Tony's fist. eir Tony, eirs, has just come back from e dead. e legitimate dead, where his heart stopped for nearly a full minute, where ere was no power to e reactor in body for long enough at JARVIS executed dea protocols, and only a miracle. 03,  · When Tony Romo first asked his now-wife, Candice Crawford, to dinner and a movie, e aspiring broadcaster was living wi her parents. Candice was an intern at e time, and had been allowed to interview a few players—which is how she met Tony. Tony, now 39, was impressed wi Candice and asked her out. e relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker began e way most great romances do: ey hated each o er. It's true. Long before e pair developed e charming rapport ey exhibit. Tony Stark and James. As some of you already know, e role of Col. James Rhodey Rhodes has been re-cast. For ose who don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a brief recap. It started wi whispers two weeks ago at Terrance Hod was out as Rhodes. Tony Stark Meets Natasha Romanoff - I Want One - Iron-Man 2 (20) Movie CLIP HD TM & Paramount (20) Fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 7 o. Tony will say 'Steve' and Steve will say 'Tony' as a call back to eir first meeting and at will be it and en ey will get on wi ings. No hugs. Despite what some might ink or even wish, e reality is ese guys are not Bucky and Rhodey to each o er. Tony gets e reactor installed just as Rhodey arrives. Rhodey informs him at five agents have gone to arrest Obadiah, but Tony knows at is not nearly enough manpower. Rhodey watches Tony suit up, awestruck at e Iron Man armor. Rhodey asks if ere's any ing Tony needs, Tony asks . e last time vel Comics did a Civil event, ey killed a black superhero character. Ten years later, ey’ve done e same ing. is time, e victim is James Rhodey Rhodes, Tony. After e devastating events of Avengers: Infinity, e universe is in ruins. Wi e help of remaining allies, e Avengers assemble once more in order to reverse anos' actions and restore balance to e universe. (e screen first panels up to an arrow being nocked into a bow. e archer behind firmly grips it tight as it was aiming tods e target. e camera reveals Clint Barton. 7, - Iron Man (MCU) - Slash Pairing - James 'Rhodey' Rhodes Machine/Iron Patriot and An ony 'Tony' Stark Iron Man - Ship: Iron Husbands. See more ideas about Tony stark, Tony 51 pins. 17,  · It turns out, Adam (Damon Dayoub) was e one to make sure Tali got to Tony after Ziva's dea, and we even got a flashback scene of Adam showing her photos of Tony . rhodey: like tony i get what youre tryna do wi e whole dramatic slow-mo suit up ing but nanites can suit up way faster and youre putting yourself in unnecessary danger in ose few seconds just for eatrics so please just, stop, perhaps, tony: sketiana. Regina look up at Rhodey and reach up to grab onto his nose. She giggle softly when Rhodey made a face at having his nose grabbed. No no, you shouldn't pull Uncle Rhodey's nose. Tony gently hold her hand and kiss it gently. ese tiny hands belongs to Daddy~ He smile down at her cheekily. Avengers: Endgame is a satisfying conclusion to over a ade of e vel Universe. Moreso, it's a giant love letter to e fans. If you put in e time and watched all 21 vel Cinematic Universe movies leading up to Endgame, you're reded wi nods, direct callbacks, and subtle references to e comics and movies alike. Rhodey's been rough a lot. vel When anos tossed him we were concerned he heavily injure Machine after his Captain America: Civil accident again. We saw him up and walking by e movie's end, so hopefully he's all right. Apr 28,  · Tony’s sacrifice is also a call back to a key scene in e first Avengers film, at shows how much e character has changed and evolved. As he . Tony grit out, is time meeting Rhodey’s gaze head on. Immune. he’s become so immune. He wasn’t Rhodey’s Tony anymore. Hadn’t been for a long time. Rhodey inhaled sharply rough his nose, lips pursed – as if Tony didn’t know Rhodey did at to prevent his lips from quivering. I . Tony suggests using e same strategy he used to stop Stane to take down Justin Hammer. Pepper asks if he meant putting him in a coma. e Living Laser takes over a SHIELD Kill Sat and lares at he is holding e whole world hostage. When e SHIELD agents ask what his demands are, he can't ink of any.. In e first.I.M. episode, Pepper is complaining about Whitney and Rhodey says she. Apr 23,  · In e very first Iron Man movie, Tony tests out his latest toy, e k II suit.When J.A.R.V.I.S. suggests a scan of e upgrade to be on e safe side, Stark shrugs off his.I. pal's. Sooo, is has been on my mind a lot. Sam watched his wingman, and i’m gonna assume ey were probably close friends if not best friends considering how badly its affected him, Riley, get shot out of. 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