Voices of the Codebreakers

Michael Paterson

Voices of the Codebreakers

About the Book


Thirty years after the end of World War 2 a relaxation of British Government security structures brought to light one of its most important secrets. It was revealed to understandable astonishment that the war had been won not just by military genius or the dogged courage of the Allied armed forces, but also by groups of unknown men and women who were hidden away trying to decipher the enemy's coded messages. These operatives found out in advance what the enemy intended to do, and passed this knowledge on to those who commanded the armies, the fleets and the bomber formations, as well as to the other secret agents throughout the world who were desperately trying to infiltrate enemy lines. Vital information that turned the tide of battle in the North African desert and on the Pacific Ocean proved to have been obtained by the time consuming and unglamorous work of cryptanalysts who deciphered the enemy's coded messages and coded those for the Allies. From the stuffy huts of Bletchley Park to the battles in the Mediterranean, the French and Dutch Resistance movements and the radio operatives in Burma, the rarely seen, outstanding stories collected here reveal the true extent of the 'Secret War'.


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Pages: 288


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