Third Reich Cloth Insignia 1933-1945

Sevice Badges and Emblems. Brian L Davis

Third Reich Cloth Insignia

About the Book


This is the first in a new series of detailed references on Service badges and emblems - the distinguishing insignia that are worn on uniforms to show such information as rank, trades, qualifications, proficiency, skill-at-arms, formations, units, locations and districts. This title covers the services, organisations and units - military, political and other - of the German Armed Forces, including army, navy, air force, Waffen-SS and Volksturm; the political and administrative units - NSDA, the Allgemeine-SS, Hitler Jugend, the German Police, Organisation Todt etc. Few regimes in history produced such a variety of insignia over a relatively short period of time as the Third Reich and, since the end of World War 2, there has been huge interest in collecting these items. The author, one of the world's leading experts in the subject, has drawn on his detailed researches and knowledge to provide an essential work of reference for all those interested in the subject. With its wealth of detail and colour illustrations this is destined to become the definitive guide to the subject and will be much sought after by all those worldwide who collect Third Reich militaria.


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