The Forgotten Highlander

My Incredible Story of Survival During the War in the Far East. Alistair Urquhart

The Forgotten Highlander, Alistair Urquhart

This 320 page book details the memoirs of Alistair Urquhart during World War 2 as a Japanese POW. Book in stock and available for immediate dispatch.


About the Book


Alistair Urquhart was a soldier in the Gordon Highlanders captured by the Japanese in Singapore. He not only survived working on the notorious Bridge on the River Kwai , but he was subsequently taken on one of the Japanese 'hellships' which was torpedoed. Nearly everyone else on board died and Urquhart spent 5 days alone on a raft in the South China Sea before being rescued by a whaling ship.


Alistair Urquhart/ Bridge over River Kwai


He was taken to Japan and then forced to work in a mine near Nagasaki. Two months later a nuclear bomb dropped just ten miles away ...This is the extraordinary story of a young man, conscripted at nineteen and whose father was a Somme Veteran, who survived not just one, but three very close separate encounters with death - encounters which killed nearly all his comrades.


The Forgotten Highlander, Alistair Urquhart

The Forgotten Highlander, Alistair Urquhart


Format: Hardcover


Pages: 320


Size: 21.5cm x 15.5cm x 4cm


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