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It seems that in every decade, there are one or two war pictures that become classics and set the tone for new excellence in filmmaking. In the fifties it was Paths of Glory, in the sixties Patton, in the seventies Apocalypse Now, in the eighties Platoon and Das Boot became classics and now Stalingrad is the movie that will make film history.


From the same production team that was responsible for the great war classic Das Boot, this film brings to the screen the story of the bloodiest battle in the history of warfare - the fight for Stalingrad - where over 2 million men lost their lives. Stalingrad was the turning point of the war for the Germans. They never recovered from this devastating defeat. But like Das Boot Stalingrad's emphasis is not simply on the battle but on certain young men who fought in Stalingrad - their hopes, their fears, their story.


Format: DVD (PAL, REGION 2)


CERT: 15


Run Time: 132 mins


Size: Standard DVD Case


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