Sniper Ace

From the Eastern Front to Siberia. Bruno Sutkus

Sniper Ace

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Throughout the Second World War, German Snipers were obliged to carry a 'Scharfshutzenheft', or sniper log, which recorded every kill. each success noted had to be verified by a witness and signed by a support officer. The Journal of Bruno Sutkus one of only a few such books to have survived the war. It records more than 200 kills, placing him as one of the wars most successful snipers. A large part of his journal is reproduced here. The skill of Sutkus was first noted during his time as a member of the Hitler Youth. In july 1943, aged 19, he was drafted into the Wermacht. A month later he was sent on a five-month sniper's course in Vilnius, after which he was posted to the Eastern Front. Sutkus was so successful that his superiors sent him to crucial and dangerous positions. Despite his youth, he was regarded as one of Germany's best snipers and in november 1944 he was awarded the Scharfshutzenabzeichen 3 Stufe, the highest award for a sniper. After being wounded in January 1945, Sutkus was given time to recuperate away from the Eastern Front. During this time he met a Red Cross nurse to whom he gave his sniper log. When the war finished, Sutkus was forced to join the Red Army. He deserted to join the Lithuanian resistance fighters. After being captured again he was tortured by the KGB and deported to Siberia to endure forced labour, It was not untill the collsapse of the Soviet Union that he was able to return to Germany in 1997 and find his sniper log, still in the hands of the same nurse.



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