Silent Hunters

German U-Boat Commanders of World War II. Theodore P Savas

Silent Hunters: German U-Boat Commanders of World War II

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When World War 2 erupted accross Europe in 1939, Germany knew it could not hope to compete with the Royal Navy in a head to head naval war, so it wagered everything on its U Boats, desperatley trying to sink more ships than the Allies could construct. Most aspects of the bitter struggle have been told from both sides, and a number of U Boat aces have enjoyed considerable recognition. But the brilliant careers of other commanders have languished in undeserved obscurity. The stories of six such men are presented here. These are Englrbert Endrass, whose spectacular contributions are described by his best friend and fellow ace Erich Topp.


Karl-Friedrich Merten, one of the wars top tonnage ace's who played a crucial role in the long-range distance rescue of fellow submariners. Ralph Kapitsky, whose suicidal surface to air battle in the Caribbean allowed many of his fellow submariners to escape into the Atlantic.


U-Boat U-534/ U-Baat Pens in France


Fritz Guggenberger, who sank an aircraft carrier and organised the largest POW escape attempt in American history. Victor Oehrn, a onetime staff officer for Karl Doenitz and Heinz Eck, whose command decisions off the coast of Africa led to his execution by a British firing squad. Their profiles have been written by leading U Boat authorities.


Silent Hunters is a most valuable addition to the naval bibliography of the Second World War, and a must have for all World war 2 naval enthusiasts.


Silent Hunters: German U-Boat Commanders of WW II


Silent Hunters: German U-Boat Commanders of World War II


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