Secret Operations: Pointe du Hoc

Peter Howard

Pointe du Hoc

About the Book


Provides a graphic account of the background to the raid, the men and equipment used, the tactics adopted, and how the raid evolved. This edition also offers an analysis of the raid and its consequences, and is of interest to military historians, wargamers, and recreationists.


On 6th June 1944 Lt-Col James Rudder led the assault companies D, E and F of the 2nd Rangers Battalion, US Army, up the 100ft high cliffs of Pointe du Hoc in the face of ferocious German opposition. Sandwiched between the D Day beaches of Utah and Omaha the objective was an enemy gun emplacement threatening the allied landings. Although the 155mm guns were not in their emplacements the rangers did locate and destroy them, then held out despite heavy losses against German counter-attacks untill relieved two days later. Secret Operations: Point du Hoc gives a detailed account of this entire operation, and covers both the United States and German forces involved in the assault.



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