Order of Battle: German Luftwaffe in WWII

Chris Mcnab

About the Book


Germany's air force the Luftwaffe, played a critical role in the Third Reich's victories in the early part of World War II, providing the airborne component of the German irresistable Blitzkrieg (lightning war) tactics that swept all armies before it from 1939 to 1942. Broken down by campaign and key battles within each theatre of war , Order of Battle German Luftwaffe in World War II illustrates the strengths and organizational structures of the Third Reich's air force, building into a detailed compendium of information. Full colour order of battle diagrams at Luftflotten, Gruppe, Fliegerkorps and squadron level help the reader quickly understand how and where fighter, divebomber and reconnaisance units were employed. Quick reference tables provide unit strenghs, aircraft types and base locations, while profile diagrams show typical numbers of aircraft at squadron level. With extensive organizational diagrams, tables and full colour campaign maps, Order of Battle - German Luftwaffe in World War II is an attractive easy to use guide to the German air force in WWII. The book is an essential refernce for any serious enthusiast of air warfare in the twentieth century.


Format: Hardcover


Pages: 192


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