Last Days of the Luftwaffe

German Luftwaffe Combat Units 1944-45. Manfred Griehl

Last Days of the Luftwaffe

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In the final year of World War II, the Luftwaffe accomplished an incredible feat, despite the Allied bombardment of Reich territory, aircraft production actually increased. This expansion of production was the response to Hitler's decree that the country should aim for the highest output in the shortest time.Remarkably, as late as April 1945 Bf 109's, ME262s and the HE219s were still emerging from underground centres - even while those in charge were by then heading for an uncertain future.

In 'Last Days of the Luftwaffe' renowned aviation expert Manfred Griehl skillfully examines the range of projects which were undertaken by the Luftwaffe and details the varied pilots who were enlisted. Griehl includes a detailed analysis of the ME 262 jet fighter, which was expected by many to revolutionise air warfare. Illustrated throughout with designs and photographs of prototypes and operational units, this history provides a comprehensive guide to the last act of the Luftwaffe's war.


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