Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45

Max Hastings

Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45

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Armageddon tells the story of the climatic months of the Second World War, the destruction of Hitler’s Germany. Max Hastings has researched archives in four countries and interviewed 170 witnesses to piece together a saga that is at once fascinating military history and the greatest human tragedy of the twentieth century.


Some episodes such as Arnhem and the Battle of the Bulge are famous, though here they appear in a new perspective. Others such as the Red Army’s devastating drive across East Prussia, which caused the deaths of at least a million people in the ‘Season of blood and ice’, are almost unknown in the West. So too are such extraordinary human stories as that of the Russian pilot Hastings met, who escaped from the Nazi slave labour at Peenemunde by stealing the commandant’s aircraft; and the sufferings under Nazi occupation of the Dutch people, who died of starvation in thousands during the terrible ‘hunger winter’ of 1944.


In this compelling study, the author addresses the big human and military questions. Why did not the Allies win the war in 1944, when they were vastly stronger than the Germans ? Why did the Russians produce the best generals ? What was it like to fight in the British, American German and Soviet armies? 


Armageddon embraces the fates of more than a hundred million people, men and women, old and very young, from the tragic teenage fanatics who died in the ruins of Hitler’s Reich to the British ‘Tommies’ who simply yearned to finish a painful job and go home. Few books on the Second World War have so vividly brought together the story of the battlefields, east and west , with the decisions of the generals and the impact of great events upon ordinary soldiers and civilians. 


Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45


Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944-45

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Pages: 500


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