Falklands Air War

Chris Hobson/Andrew Noble

Falklands Air War

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This is the first serious in-depth analysis of the role of air power in the Falklands conflict. A number of instant books were published in the 1980s soon after the events in the South Atlantic basis had occurred. These are all long out-of-point and it is now time for a more reflective and analytical work on the subject. Publication will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the war which will attract public and media interest.


The book is a comprehensive history of the role of British and Argentinian air power in the conflict. The narrative is enhanced with extract from interviews with personnel involved in the events being recounted. Many of the book's illustrations, come from the collections of participants, rather than official sources, are published here for the first time.


Details of individual aircraft and ships involved are given and the book also includes a detailed chronology of the course of the conflict. The book, written by a respected military writer and researcher who is Head Librarian at the Joint Services Command and Staff College at Shrivenham, sets out to position the war in a historical perspective, and to draw conclusions and lessons from what took place during the campaign, which are applicable today.


Falklands Air War


Falklands Air War

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