Deutsche Soldaten

Uniforms, Equipment & Personal items of the German Soldier 1939-1945. Augustin Sainz

Voices of the Codebreakers

About the Book


There have been numerous books written on the German Army since the end of World War II. Books on the men, their tactics, commanders, equipment, weaponry and histories of the major battles they fought in can be found on the bookshelves of almost all 20th Century history enthusiasts. Yet until now, no book has covered the history of the German soldier in such complete detail. Deutsche Soldaten is the definitive visual history of the German soldier and provides a unique reflection of of a soldier’s daily life, right down to how they washed themselves on the front, or behaved when at rest, what their pastimes, ambitions, and worries were, and how they spent their leave – all through the collections of personal items and other artefacts they left behind. The author, an expert on 20th-Century military history and an avid collector of various militaria, makes available to the general public for the first time his extensive collection, compiled over many years to provide his fellow enthusiasts with the ultimate guide to the World War II German soldier. Each item’s history is explained in detail, with numerous close-up photographs showing exactly what the genuine article looks like. With most of the collection in mint condition, and many items having never been seen before, Deutsche Soldaten is quite simply a must-buy for anyone interested in history.


Format: Hardcover


Pages: 594


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