The Deniable Agent

Undercover in Afghanistan. Colin Berry

The Deniable Agent: Undercover in Afghanistan

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As far as Colin Berry’s family were concerned, he’d gone to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban to market low-cost housing. But in fact, Berry, a former soldier, had been recruited by British intelligence to secretly buy back weapons systems that had been delivered to the Mujahideen during their struggle against the Soviets.


It was a gruelling and dangerous mission during which he saw first-hand the ravaging effects of decades of warfare on a country and its people. It ended in a hotel-room shoot-out that left two Afghans dead and Berry himself seriously wounded. In The Deniable Agent, Colin Berry gives a riveting insight into the covert world of intelligence. He also finally reveals the truth about what happened in the Intercontinental Hotel that night and how he spent nearly a year in a stinking Afghan jail.


The Deniable Agent: Undercover in Afghanistan


The Deniable Agent: Undercover in Afghanistan

Format: Paperback


Pages: 352


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