D Day Paratroopers

British 6th Airbourne, Canadian Battallion & French SAS. Jean Bouchery

D Day Paratroopers

About the Book


The very first ground actions on 6th June 1944 were fought by the Red Berets, the renowned British and Canadian paratroopers of the 6th Airborne Division, dropped over the Caen region, plus the lesser-known French SAS who jumped over Brittany the same day to fight a guerilla war against the Germans. This book offers every detail about these elite soldiers. This is the second volume in the two-book coverage of the Allied paratroopers in Normandy on D-Day 1944. In the spectacular illustrated style developed by Histoire & Collections, the books show in full colour recreations the detail of the troops' uniforms, equipment, special materials, insignia and details the orders of battle. 


Format: Hardcover


Pages: 128


Size: 31cm x 23cm x 2cm




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