Churchill's Wizards: 1914-1945

Nicholas Rankin

Churchill's Wizards: 1914-1945

About the Book


By June 1940, most of Europe had fallen to the Nazis and Britain stood alone. So, with Winston Churchill in charge, the British bluffed their way out of trouble, drawing on the trickery which had helped them win the First World War. They broadcast outrageous British propaganda on pretend German radio stations, broke secret codes, conjured up phantom armies and fake airfields with model planes, and sent captured spies back to Germany with false intelligence. Culminating in the spectacular misdirection that was so essential to the success of D-Day in 1944, Churchill’s Wizards is a thrilling work of popular history filled with almost unbelievable stories of bravery, creativity and deception.


Format: Paperback


Pages: 672


Size: 19cm x 13cm x 3.5cm


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