Battlezone Normandy: Utah Beach

Stephen Badsey

Battlezone Normandy - Utah Beach

About the Book


At Utah Beach, the Allies had their greatest D Day success, suffering fewer casualties than on any of the other beachheads. The assault sector closest to Cherbourg lower Normandy's largest port. Utah Beach was isolated from the other D Day landing areas. This would mean that the attacking troops would have to fight alone until a link with the other landing areas could be achieved.


Accordingly, First US Army committed a powerful landing force, preceeded by a night parachute and glider assault, part of the largest night drop ever mounted. Despite wide scattering, on D Day the airborne troops secured St-Mere-Eglise, the first town in Normandy to be liberated. Although landing on the wrong beach in bad weather, the troops of the 4th Infantry Division that disembarked on June 6 suffered only 197 casualties, and by early afternoon had begun to link up with the airborne troops.



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