Battlezone Normandy: Omaha Beach

Stephen Badsey

Battlezone Normandy - Omaha Beach

About the Book


At 06:30 hours on the 6th June 1944, the US Army's 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions led the assault on Omaha Beach, the most strongly defended of all the invasion beaches. Supporting Allied bombers had mostly missed their targets, the offshore naval bombardment was hampered by poor visibility, and many elements of the first assault waves were swamped or sank, including amphibious tanks. The first waves of infantry waded ashore into a storm of German gunfire.


In these first harrowing hours of 'Overlord' Lieutenant General Omar Bradley commanding First US Army, seriously considered aborting the Omaha landing altogether. Yet despite appalling difficulties and heavy casualties, the US troops prevailed and a vunerable bridgehead inland was established by the evening of 6th June, it was the hardest battle of D Day.


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