Battlefield Afghanistan

Mike Ryan

Battlefield Afghanistan

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For various political reasons, the story of the battlefields in Afghanistan has gone unreported - until now. From interviews with his numerous contacts among the coalition forces stationed in Afghanistan, Mike Ryan has done what journalists have so far been unable to do.


"Battlefield Afghanistan" is the first thorough-going account of the war in the former Taliban state: not the politics behind the conflict, but the actual situation for the men on the ground. Far from simply 'keeping the peace', coalition forces in Afghanistan are currently involved in full-scale warfare with both al-Qaeda militants and the forces of the resurgent Taliban.


"Battlefield Afghanistan" tells the real, inside story of the men under fire, based upon first-hand evidence from members of 3 Para, 16 AAB, the Royal Marines and the Special Forces community, together with the views and experiences of the US and French troops. As their accounts indicate, the hostilities faced have proved to be far greater than was anticipated, and the situation in Afghanistan far more serious than the politicians would like the public to realise. These are full-scale battles, not experienced by British forces since Korea, not even in the Falklands.




Battlefield Afghanistan

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