Alamo in the Ardennes

John C McManus

Alamo in the Ardennes

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In December 1944, when the Germans launched their last–ditch offensive now known as the Battle of the Bulge, they badly needed to capture the Belgian city of Bastogne as a communications centre, supply depot, and springboard for their drive to Antwerp. The cities defence by the 101st Airborne is often cited as the battle's most desperate and dramatic episode, but these heroics never could have happened if not for the unsung efforts of a ragtag, battered collection of American soldiers who absorbed the brunt of the German offensive first along the Ardennes frontier east of Bastogne. Alamo in the Ardennes tells the powerful poignant, yet little–known story of the bloody delaying action fought by the 28th Infantry Division, elements of the 9th and 10th Armored Divisions, and other, smaller units. Outnumbered at times by as much as ten to one, outgunned by Hitler's dreaded panzers, and with no hope of reinforcement, they bore the full fury of the Nazi onslaught for five days, making the Germans pay for every icy inch of ground they gained. Author John McManus reveals that the original German battle plan allowed only two days for the capture of Bastogne. Had the Germans achieved their objective on time, Hitler would have gained a vital foothold in his quest to split the Allied armies in two. This stirring narrative follows three distinct groups of American soldiers who held up the Germans during those five brutal days. From December 16 through December 18,the 28th Infantry Division fought ferociously in a series of little Luxembourg towns. On December 19, the soldiers of Combat Command R of the 9th Armored Division sacrificed themselves at several small, but important, road junctions less than ten miles from Bastogne. They did this to buy a few hours for American commanders to reinforce the outskirts of Bastogne. Then, on December 19 and 20, soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division and Combat Command B of the 10th Armored Division successfully held off the powerful German attempts to capture the city. An appalling number of the soldiers who destroyed the German battle plan were themselves destroyed in the furious struggle. But their gallant efforts stalled the advance long enough to allow the 101st Airborne to reach and fully occupy Bastogne and prepare for the ferocious attack to come. Featuring numerous helpful maps and a complete list of the soldiers, local civilians, and German commanders whose actions it recounts, Alamo in the Ardennes provides a compelling, day–by–day account of this pivotal moment in America's greatest war.


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